final response

Response to mrsrth5 (posted on here):

Today, we never would see a Civil War occurring, but so did our country in 1860. Yes it is very unlikely that another civil war would break out, but I think it could. However, It wouldn’t be now, it would be in the future. I predict that when there are a  number of new regulations implemented, whether it be gun control, immigration, taxes, et cetera, there will be a great disruption among the American people’s stability. They will become angry, want results, and maybe act dangerously, because that is how American’s are! People are viewing Washington as increasingly corrupt and enough will be enough. It may not be as bloody as the first civil war, but I believe another one could occur. Another potential cause, when the country is overrun with immigrants, there could be a new ideology present that could stem a revolution. And there’s Texas. Texas has threatened to succeed before… could see it happen in the future.


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